Email Marketing
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Internet Terminology

  • Web Design
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Click Bank
  • Commission Junction
  • Plimus
  • Amazon

Paid To Act Programs

  • PTC Paid To Click program
  • PTR Paid To Read emails.
  • PTDn Paid To Download programs
  • PTBr Paid To Browse.
  • YouTube online video loading portal, to share free video worldwide, used for advertising, promotion, training method.
  • Surveys. Marketing companies paying for your time and opinion.

Website/Business Promotion

  • SEO Search Engine Optimization.
    Method to increase visibility of your website on world wide web.

  • PPC Pay-Per-Click.
    Method of promotion to induce prospective customers in clicking and visiting certain website based on key word search.

  • Blogging Method of recording, discussing and promoting one’s opinions, products, information etc with website like medium.

  • Search Engine Submission:
    Submission of website to search engines, so that website is located and reached by people who are searching for certain topic, key words.

  • Classifieds:
    Online free or paid classified advertising website, which host your ads and are searchable on topics, subjects, places, products with various search engines.

  • Traffic Exchange:
    A website which will make you visit and view certain other website, in exchange of showing your website to other members, so that people interested can see each others’s websites to increase traffic and hits.

  • Safelist:
    A safe list is an email discussion group where members send each other solo email ads. Because each member can typically receive hundreds of emails a day, most look down on this as a credible advertising resource. My opinion is that it depends; if you're on a very low budget, then this method is worth the hassle of setting it up. But if you're already making thousands every month with your business, it might not be worth your time.

  • SPAM Unsolicited emails sent to unknown people. It is against various laws to send SPAM.

  • Autoresponder Automated Emailing system, which send emails to sefelist and keeps canvassing, training, spreading various products, information, newsletters, notices periodically.

  • URL shortening A service which shortens your URL from complicated long string to a small string, so that it becomes easy to remember or easy to send or it hides affiliate links.

  • Offline Marketing. Traditional marketing like hoardings, banners, displays, new papers, flyers etc.

  • Email Marketing Sending emails to people introducing your company, products or services and inviting them to visit your website.

  • Social media like FB, Twitter


  • Domain Registration Registration of your unique internet identity describing your company, product , service, place, group, mission etc.

  • Web Hosting. Holding contents which you want to present to world wide audience, from where it can be accessed by anybody.

  • Payment gateways Methods of exchanging funds safely on internet interfacing customers, suppliers, banks, credit cards etc. Examples Paypal, AlertPay

What is Safelists for website promotion

Opt-in email safelists are one of the best Internet marketing strategies for getting your product or service immediately in front of many thousands of people. In this article, I will show you how you can successfully work with them.
One can search for safelists on internet for free and paid option

Benefits of Online Opt-in Safelists

  1. Email to many thousands - this can be done with free safe lists or paid safe lists. Even if you only get a 1% response from thousands, you interact with those that will respond.

  2. It’s immediate and quick – you can instantly send your ad and receive an immediate response from those interested. With ezine ads, you often have to wait for days or weeks before your ad is displayed.

  3. Test your product or service sending pilot promotion – safelists are a good place to begin testing your ad, before you spend a lot of money on other advertising methods.

  4. Track your ads, banners – track those ads that pull the best. (Some safelists incorporate tracking in their subscriptions). You can then use these same ads repeatedly in other forms of advertising. The key is to have a great headline, because users will be scanning them for what catches their eye.

  5. Low cost way of email marketing online – this is a much faster, less expensive way to market than offline marketing. You can reach many more people in a shorter space of time.

  6. No fear of spamming or being penalized for spamming – this is because all subscribers are strictly opt-in.

Types of Opt-in Safe Lists

Free Safelists - Advantages
It’s free to email to the whole list – you can mail to all free and paid subscribers.
Email to thousands immediately
Pays commissions on referrals

Disadvantages Fills your email box with thousands of offers from other subscribers.
No tracking of ads provided
Email once a week only

Paid Safelists - Advantages
Email the list (free and paid) every day or every 2 days. Doesn’t require you to receive other e-mail ads from subscribers.
Membership fees are low
Tracking of your ads
Pays higher commissions
Personalize your messages

Most customers will not see your ad at all. People on these lists are more concerned about others seeing their own ad, than seeing yours.
Lose money if you paid to subscribe, but didn’t get any sales.

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What is Traffic Exchange

A Traffic Exchange is a great online alternative for driving more traffic to your website. Basically you gain more exposure for your own website or blog using banner ads text links by viewing the ads for other people's websites, in exchange.

Before you click to another webpage, if you are thinking that you do not have the time to view other people's websites, you should realize right up front that you don't have to do this. All traffic exchanges sell advertising. So if you're short on time, you can purchase ads without having to do any work of clicking yourself.

These programs provide you with a very powerful and cost effective way

  • Branding your name, gathering leads, and even making sales
  • Learning how your competition targets their campaigns
  • Putting your product or service in front of a very diverse audience
  • Seeing what other products or services that others are promoting

Traffic Exchanges are always member-based in nature, so you will need to open an account with each one that you intend to use. This is a simple task which you can complete within a couple of minutes, everyday. Additionally, and as the name implies, FREE exchanges cost you nothing to join.

Traffic Exchanges operate on a credit or point system. Members earn credits by participating in a variety of ways, and then "spend" or use these credits website traffic by exchanging these credits for banner ad impressions, text links, and in some cases, e-mail advertisements.

By maintaining active working memberships in a few of the better traffic exchanges, you can generate a tremendous flow of traffic for any of the websites you wish to advertise. When used properly, these resources are an excellent way to promote just about any product or service, website of blog.

So now that you know the basics and what a Traffic Exchange is, you will need to know what types of exchanges to use.

There are Manual Traffic Exchanges and Auto Surf Traffic Exchanges:

Manual - These are the exchanges that I always recommend and use as you have to manually view, browse, click on them and move to the next site after so many seconds. This also means that you have to see the page to click on. You have to spend or invest time in them

Auto Surf - Always recommended staying away from these as members can just switch on and leave it scrolling, changing, browsing from one site to the next while doing something else. So, it’s automatic. But, this is not effective.

Now that you are aware of the two types of exchanges that you can use, you need to choose between using a FREE or PAID Traffic Exchange.

FREE - a free exchange costs nothing to join and use or work on them. This is a great free advertising resource. You can join as many traffic exchange as you want.

PAID option - a paid exchange as they are also known, requires a one time or monthly sign-up fee in order to join. However, this can be a viable option because you know that every person who is using the exchange has actually spent money to join these, and that he is serious about the business.

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What is Auto-Responder ?

An e-mail utility that automatically replies to an e-mail message with a prewritten response when that e-mail comes into a specific e-mail or Internet address.

Auto-responders are used by individuals and also by Web sites that need to respond to user comments automatically.

For example, an individual may use an auto-responder feature of e-mail to inform the sender that he has gone on vacation and will not be replying personally to e-mails until he returns to the office; an enterprise may use an auto-responder in response to a newsletter subscription request to verify the opt-in or subscription cancellation or to indicate to the sender that a user comment was received.

Auto-repsonders are also used by enterprises to indicate that an online purchase was processed and will typically include an order confirmation number in the e-mail that is automatically generated and sent to the purchaser.

The main benefit to using an auto-responder is connected to the fact that the majority of people need to be told about a product seven times before they buy it. So I want to ask you, how many times are you telling your visitors about your product? Chances are it’s less than seven.

They’ll land on your homepage or somewhere else on your website and they’ll look at your offering, but the majority of your sites visitors will disappear. So unless you can get them onto an opt-in mailing list, either a course or free information that is of multi-part format, the chances are you will have lost them forever. You can use an auto-responder to send these messages out to people with their permission convincing them and educating them about your product.

This is simply a form of permission marketing. People will give you their permission to receive emails in return for you giving them free, quality information. Do not load the messages with over-hyped sales pitches, but give them real quality information with a small mention about your product at the end.

What you’ll find is that people come to know you and grow to trust you over time as you send them more and more information. The longer you can maintain this relationship with them, the more likely they are to actually buy from you.

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